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    Outsourcing of foreign economic activity - GBSI - Global Business Service Information

    Outsourcing is a process in which an organization transfers some production functions and business processes to a third—party specialist or a company that specializes in the necessary field.

    Who needs outsourcing of foreign economic activity?

    Not only large companies, but also small businesses, including individual entrepreneurs, can transfer the conduct of foreign economic activity to partial or full outsourcing.

    Major market players. For a large business, outsourcing of foreign economic activity is much cheaper than finding, training and paying for the services of a full-time foreign trade specialist or an entire department of several specialists.
    Small business and sole proprietors. in order to save money, you can outsource part of foreign economic activity to a third-party company, for example, transportation and customs clearance. Since there is no own knowledge yet, mistakes will cost too much. At the same time, communication with the supplier, the conclusion of an import contract, payment and other related activities are assumed under the supervision of our specialists.

    Advantages of outsourcing

    Saving money. If your business rarely carries out foreign economic transactions, then it is extremely unprofitable to constantly maintain an entire department for this. It will be cheaper to pay for outsourcing on a one-time basis than to pay a salary, rent premises for a staff of employees;
    Save time. Experienced transport companies that regularly provide outsourcing services often know where to look for the necessary equipment or goods at the time of application. In addition, there will be no special problems for them to quickly issue papers and arrange delivery;
    Risk minimization. With full outsourcing, the contractor bears all financial responsibility for the transaction and transportation. All you have to do is wait for the cargo to cross the border, pay the bills and take ownership.

    What we offer:

    • We purchase goods from your supplier
    • We will arrange their delivery to your warehouse
    • We will insure your cargo along the entire route.
    • We will carry out all the necessary customs procedures
    • For goods requiring confirmation of compliance with technical regulations, we will help you to issue the necessary permits, including the import of samples, and their delivery to the testing laboratory.

    Our relations with your company will be based on an agency agreement.

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