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    Protect intellectual property - GBSI - Global Business Service Information

    Are you looking for protection of your intellectual property or a consultation on those matters? You can contact our expert. You will receive all the answers that you need for your understanding. We can also control the process of its registration for any item. To receive all the necessary information please contact the expert in any way convenient for you.

    Ways to protect intellectual property

    There are several ways to ensure protection of intellectual property. It can be implemented as follows:

    • Through making a decision on the subject of signing a license agreement.
    • By way of recovery of damages where the infringement of rights took place. This can be done through one of the two procedures: pre-judicial and judicial.
    • Taking a legal action for the protection of intellectual property. This service is normally requested where no consensus can be achieved through negotiations. The company offers services on executing all the necessary documents and providing complete support of the process.
    • Still another method of intellectual property protection is administrative or criminal prosecution.
    • There are also other ways to protect intellectual property.

    Who is in charge of the intellectual property protection:

    • Federal authorities;
    • Federal agency
    • The Ministry of Interior;
    • Prosecutor’s office;
    • Customs bodies and other agencies.

    For a detailed consultation of how to arrange protection of intellectual property you can contact our company. We provide a comprehensive list of information and all the documents necessary for ensuring it, with clarifications. You can contact us with questions on any aspects. That includes author’s rights, neighboring rights, patent right and the rights to means of individualization.