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    Patents for invention - GBSI - Global Business Service Information

    A patent is an exclusive right provided for a specific image which will subsequently be used as a logotype for a future brand.

    What is a patent?

    A patent vests its owner with an exclusive right of owning an invention or a process of its production. A patent owner receives an opportunity to sell it upon own discretion for actualizing it in a material project if he/she does not possess sufficient funds and tools for that. In accordance with the law, this right is assigned with certain period of validity. Once it is expired, the protection stops.

    A patent, being a document that confirms direct involvement in the development of the item considered, can be issued for all types of presented devices or inventions. In this regard an invention can be any development of not only technical but also chemical nature. In addition, one invention may consist of individual elements with every single one being a patent invention of its own.

    Patent holder rights

    Registration of a patent vests its owner with the right of their possible transfer to other persons for use. This is concerned with the time period when the invention is covered by protection. The owner also receives an opportunity to decide upon own discretion who he/she can transfer it to during the period of effective protection. For every patent there is a protection period which normally equals 20 years unless it is altered by the rights holder who can sell it to another person.

    The specifics of a patent for invention assumes that it is only valid in the country where it was developed. If similar devices were executed in other countries during the same time, they do not intersect with each other.

    To learn all the information about patents and how to receive them for your development, you can contact our company. Call us or leave your request on our website. You can receive comprehensive information and consultation on this subject on our website or from an expert by the phone. We are ready to help you make registration of your development and ensure that you possess the right of ownership for it.

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