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    Logistics - GBSI - Global Business Service Information

    Logistics is a key element in the development of any process linked with the transportation of goods between several countries. It structures the work process and builds it so that the clients in queue can save their time and the transported goods do not lose their practical and quality properties. Logistics is a complex document-based process working as an instruction or a plan according to which the goods undergo step-by-step documentation and clearance.

    Logistics is created to solve tasks of a certain level. And the main one is careful control of the goods delivery to the points of destination. It is exercised at all stages of the process, starting from receiving the cargo and up to its hand-over to the final addressee. Depending on the sphere covered, logistics can be divided into several types:

    • For customs clearance, i.e. only for the cross-border transfer of goods.
    • For delivery of cargo to customs control points
    • For dispatching it from customs to its destination
    • For full-fledged process from receiving a cargo from consignor to handing it over to the final consignee.

    Logistics serves for providing a trouble-free pass for the goods throughout the entire route and includes the following chains: seller or manufacturer, carrier, agent, importing company and end buyer.

    Every link fulfills its own specific tasks and plays a big role in the whole process of cargo transportation. In this respect it should be mentioned that some of the participants can be one and the same person which facilitates the process and accelerates it to some extent. It solves the following tasks:

    • plays a role of some regulator of prices for the goods transported across the border;
    • guarantees the goods quality;
    • provides certain analysis of transported items;
    • search for the services which must be rendered to provide transportation of the goods etc.

    You can receive more detailed information on how logistics is formed for the process of cross-border shipments or for the whole path from manufacturer to consumer by going to our website. You can also phone us mentioning your contact details.