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    Types of certificates - GBSI - Global Business Service Information

    To verify the quality and conformity of products there are different kinds of approval documents. The exact type depends on the object (product or service). Our company has quite extensive experience in this field and offers a full range of services for drafting and receiving certificates and declarations of the right format. You can order from us most types of approval documents, the most demanded and most necessary ones for selling your products in the territory of Russia. 

    CU Conformity Certificate (EAC certificate)

    A document confirming strict adherence to the requirements and regulations ensuring safety of the products or goods that fall within the scope of technical regulations of the Customs Union.  Without an issued TR CU Certificate there is no legitimate circulation of goods on the consumer markets of the Customs Union member countries. The CU Certificate is only issued when the products have passed successfully the mandatory certification procedure in the certifying body. For this purpose, the certificates of such type can only be issued by certification bodies included in the Unified Register of Certification Authorities of the Customs Union. Depending on the certification scheme, the CU Certificate can be valid for up to 5 years (for the product batches) or for the period equal to the useful life of the goods.

    TR CU Declaration of Conformity

    A document verifying the observance and fulfillment of mandatory regulations and requirements for the products subject to the procedure of declaration of conformity as per technical regulations and laws of the Customs Union. This type of declaration registered in line with the CU requirements is valid across its entire territory. The availabilty of declaration of conformity with the CU technical regulations is a mandatory condition for the products that fall within the scope of declaration according to the requirements of technical regulations of the Customs Union. Declaration can only be issued to those applicants who are residents of one of the CU member countries. The validity period of the declaration of conformity can be up to 5 years maximum, depending on the products’ specific properties and applicable declaration scheme. It is filled out on a regular sheet of white paper and cannot have any levels of protection.

    Certificate of registration

    A document confirming safety of manufactured and released products. It is issued for finished products subject to sanitary and epidemiological surveillance, manufactured and brought in for the first time, after completion of testing as well as the procedure of their state registration with Rospotrebnadzor (Russian consumer protection agency). The main objective of the state registration is to ensure that all products without exception, supplied and manufactured in the CU territory, are safe and fully comply with the relevant qualifying requirements. Completion of this procedure is confirmed by the certificate of state registration which verifies the adherence to unified sanitary requirements of the CU. There is no exact limitation to the certificate validity period, thus it is used as a rule throughout the entire period of manufacturing and supply of the controlled products.

    Certificate of quality

    A document verifying certain level of quality of the manufactured products and their safety for health and life of citizens (consumers), as well as conformance of the goods to the Russian quality standards. The concept of “quality certificate” is a generalized name which comprises several types of certificates: ISO international certificate and Russian certificate of conformity GOST R. This certificate can be obtained or issued either voluntarily or mandatorily. Quality certificate can only be issued by an accredited certification body on a special registration letterform. The products certified with the quality certificate are marked with a respective quality mark and have a range of undeniable advantages in terms of competition and winning consumers’ trust.

    GOST R Certificate of Conformity

    An official approval document issued in accordance with the rules of the national certification system (GOST R) and ensuring right identification of the products (service, process) and their compliance with a certain standard or other regulatory document. The certificate can pertain to all the rules and requirements indicated in the standard as well as particular characteristics of the products or certain sections, which is expressly mentioned (written) in the document itself. The certificate is issued after evaluation of production, analysis of test protocols, certification of quality system and production process (if so prescribed by the chosen scheme of certification) as well as analysis of the documents by an accredited certificatory body. The document is issued for the contract, batch or full-scale production of the products.

    GOST R Voluntary Certificate

    An official document verifying the quality of certified products and their conformity with the rules of the national certification system (GOST R). The procedure of voluntary certification is applicable to the products which do not require mandatory certification. The availability of voluntary conformity certificate verifies the product properties and opens the potential for competitive selling of the certified product. Unlike the TR CU Certificate, the obtaining of a voluntary certificate is entirely on the initiative of the manufacturer. The products verified by the certificate are in compliance with all the requirements (Technical Terms and Conditions) and standards of the RF and can be presented in the market of the Russian Federation. The procedure of obtaining the certificate is similar to the process of certification by the mandatory GOST R certification standard.

    GOST R Declaration of Conformity          

    An official document verifying conformity of the products to a certain level of safety and quality as per requirements established by the Russian laws. This is the approval document with equal (the same) legal effect as conformity certificate. The declaration is adopted on the basis of own evidentiary materials of the applicant or with the participation of a third party (research laboratories or a certifying body). The document validity period is defined by the manufacturer (seller, producer) and depends on the conditions and place of release of the products, as well as the chosen scheme of certification (declaration) of conformity as well as the type of the goods. There is no special letterform for a declaration, thus the document is issued on a regular white sheet of paper. Declaration of conformity can only be issued in a mandatory order, because voluntary issuance is not stipulated.

    Medical device registration certificate

    any medical devices in the territory of the Russian Federation. Such registration certificate can only be issued by a state body – Roszdravnadzor (Russian Federal Service for Supervision in Healthcare), after various trials are passed. Receiving such document requires several steps: preparation of a registration dossier (includes development or elaboration of all technical documents, descriptions, similar products use practices), passing the trials (bacteriological, technical, clinical) and filing the documents to the Authority. The issuance procedure time for such document is 1 year and up, but it is issued once to remain in force without limit of time.

    Exemption letter

    Special kind of clarification about the products or goods classified as the objects for which there is no statutory requirement to have mandatory certification of conformity. In Russia an exemption letter is an official document informing that certification or declaration is not mandatory for certain commodity groups. It is issued (executed) on a letterhead of an accredited certifying body. The validity period of the exemption letter is defined by the rules annually established by the Government of Russia, however on the average the validity period of this document can be 1 year.

    Certificate of origin

    Certification of the goods origin is a document specifying the information about the origin of certain goods item. The information will have the indication of the country of manufacture. Such document can be obtained in the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. Such certificates can be of the following types: form ST-1, form A, general form, hygienic certificate, import quarantine permit, certificate of conformity with the technical regulations and phytosanitary certificate. 

    Every type of the approval documents presented here shall be issued for its object. Such documents can be issued only by accredited organizations, however the law allows receiving the documents in any region. The availability of such document proves safety of the products and their complete conformity with statutory requirements.

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