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    Customs clearance of goods - GBSI - Global Business Service Information

    Customs clearance is a procedure in which all the documentary turnover necessary for the correct identification of imported goods in the system for further transportation and sale is carried out. All goods and cargoes that are transported across the border of the Customs Union during import or export from the territory of the Russian Federation, regardless of the type of transport, are subject to customs clearance. The procedure is strictly regulated by a number of regulatory legal acts.

    Customs clearance includes:
    1. Submission by the declarant of documents and information necessary for customs purposes, including confirming compliance with non-tariff regulatory measures, actions for the payment of customs duties.
    2. Actual presentation of goods and vehicles for customs clearance and customs control.
    3. Actions of customs authorities on:
    • acceptance and verification of submitted documents and information;
    • collection of customs duties, inspection and inspection of goods and vehicles;
    • making decisions on the admissibility of premises under the declared customs procedure.

    Customs clearance of goods is regulated:

    • EAEU TC;
    • the provisions of Federal Law No. 289 of 03.08.2018;
    • resolutions of the Government of the Russian Federation, for example, dated 12/24/2015 No. 1417.

    Our company has been helping with customs clearance of various goods and cargoes for more than 10 years during their import and export, transit, re-export, reimport and other customs procedures throughout the Russian Federation. We offer our clients a full range of customs services at a reasonable cost.

    • Assistance in the preparation of documents for customs clearance, selection of HS codes, preparation of a Declaration for goods (DT).
    • Control at all stages of customs clearance.
    • Prompt provision of up-to-date information about each stage of registration.
    • Effective and timely resolution of any issues related to customs clearance.

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