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    Certification - GBSI - Global Business Service Information

    If you intend to import products into the territory of the EAEU countries for subsequent sale, or if a company intends to export goods, you will be expected to have these products undergo mandatory or voluntary certification.

    A certification procedure is an important stage that guarantees quality and full compliance with technical specifications of any products, from food to mechanical engineering items.

    Both the state and consumers put ever growing requirements to the quality of produced and manufactured products. That is why, buyers are increasingly paying attention to the availability of a certificate and prefer those companies and firms that have successfully confirmed the high quality of their products with independent certification authorities.

    Information required if a product certificate becomes necessary:

    • knowledge of the codes of goods which require a confirmation document – OKP (Russian National Product Classifier) and TNVED (FEACN – Foreign Economic Activity Commodity Nomenclature);
    • determination of a required certificate type (mandatory or voluntary);
    • selection of the certification system in which the confirmation procedure is to be performed: the CU system of sanitary supervision and mandatory certification or the GOST R system of mandatory certification.

    The certificate of conformity is issued for:

    • sales of products in the territory of Russia (when supplied for further processing or sale etc.);
    • customs clearance of products (in addition to an explanatory letter, only the product certificate can work as a kind of “pass” for your products at the customs).

    Certificates of conformity are issued only by accredited certification centers, subject to prior testing of product samples by special authorized laboratories.

    To obtain a certificate of conformity, the applicant will be expected to provide a certain set of documents, which includes:

    • an application in the established form;
    • constitutive documents;
    • Certificates of PSRN (Primary State Registration Number) and TIN (Tax-payer’s Identification Number);
    • supply agreements or contracts;
    • a contract specification or invoice;
    • lease agreements or a production area ownership document (if necessary);
    • product datasheet with technical specifications (operating manual or guidelines, description of the product appearance, its scope of application etc.);
    • technology regulations (other documents that describe the production technology);
    • technical reference documents (technical specifications or GOSTs);
    • label with the marking;
    • sanitary and epidemiologial conclusion certificate (if necessary);
    • assortment list of manufactured products (booklets, catalogues etc.);
    • certificates for the materials used (if necessary).

    All product certificates carry a unique number, are entered in a special register and issued on protected yellow (mandatory) or blue (voluntary) controlled-issue forms. This protects the domestic certification system from appearing and distribution of fake quality certificates.

    The Significance of Certification of Imported Goods

    Certification is a set of works designed to run an extended verification of conformity to the declared quality and regulatory requirements. It is a one-time procedure that does not need to be repeated. Our company will help you find out which products require certification and will provide you with the details on the way it is done and terms and conditions that apply.

    The procedure contains several stages:

    • First thing you need to do is submit an application to the certifying authorities. We will draw it up correctly and send it for review.
    • Step two is collecting all necessary documents for its implementation.
    • Next, the applicant awaits approval for certification.
    • In order to verify conformity with the established requirements, the product will be inspected against certain criteria.
    • To confirm the declared quality, the product will be tested in a special laboratory.
    • Where necessary, the analysis results will be attached to the product, if stipulated by the certification scheme. Other obtained data will also be studied.
    • A resolution for certificate issuance is executed.
    • Registration of the approval document.

    Our company provides a full range of services for certification of any goods, both imported and exported. You can order some of the services or a “turnkey” service.