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    Conformity declaration - GBSI - Global Business Service Information


    Conformity declaration is a document of a mandatory form used by the applicant to certify that the products manufactured by them and released for free circulation conforms to the requirements and provisions of state regulations and standards. This implies, in particular, technical regulations, standards, Unified sanitary epidemiological and hygienic requirements for goods subject to sanitary and epidemiological supervision (control), hygienic norms, regulatory and technical documentation etc. Such kind of approval document has equal legal effect to a conformity certificate.  

    A conformity declaration can only be issued by a legal entity registered in the territory of the Russian Federation (if a conformity declaration is issued in the GOST R system) or in the Customs Union territory (if a conformity declaration is issued in accordance with technical regulations of the Customs Union).

    The object of declaration can only be goods or products. Declaration of products remains mandatory both for items manufactured in Russia as well as for imported products related to certain types of goods subject to declaring. An issued declaration is a mandatory requirement for entry of the products in the market, entry of goods in the territory of Russia or the Customs Union and further selling.

    The order of obtaining conformity declarations in the GOST R system

    Issuance of a declaration (products declaration procedure) comprises the following steps:

    • filing a request (application) with a certifying body with a description of declared products in a free format and suggested scheme of declaration;
    • confirmation of receiving a request by a certifying body;
    • processing a request and clarifying relevant questions;
    • submission of procedural documents by an applicant;
    • drawing up a declaration plan specifying the conditions for execution of all the works. The declaration scheme and testing methods shall be determined by a certifying body based on the established unified rules and regulations applicable for proper execution of conformity validation;
    • organization of testing;
    • issuing protocols in the laboratory;
    • registration of declaration – executed by the applicant using EDS based on the draft previously prepared by the certifying body where all the data has been completely filled and all the documents loaded.

    The products that have passed mandatory declaration procedure are to be marked with conformity mark without indications of the certifying body codes.

    Declarations are issued and provided separately for each manufacturer and type of products (one sample of declaration can only cover homogenous group of goods by one manufacturer). In case of a big number of models or item numbers of goods several declarations shall be issued, since no appendices are attachable to declarations.

    For imported products, or those supplied under contracts, the following documents shall be collected:

    • request for issuance;
    • copies of contracts for products supply;
    • copies of incorporation documents of the product manufacturing company;
    • OGRN (primary state registration number) and INN (individual tax-payer’s number) certificates;
    • description of the declared products: appearance, composition, item number, characteristics etc.

    The declaration validity period shall be determined in compliance with the document regulating the respective commodity group (Technical regulations or another document on which basis the declaration is issued).

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