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    Logotype registration - GBSI - Global Business Service Information

    Our company provides full range of services on certification and execution of other types of works. We can also execute registration of a logotype as a mandatory procedure for introduction of your product in the market. This procedure also assumes entitlement with rights of ownership for the registered logotype. Its registration is a mandatory step in business. Without this procedure, you have no right to distribute them. Our company will help you to pass the entire process of issuance and will undertake all the documentary operations.

    Steps for execution of registration

    To complete registration of your company’s logotype, the following steps are required:

    1. First get registered on the website of a registering authority.
    2. Next select an application that will define the trademark (product mark) as an independent and unique product in the market. Prepare all the necessary document for further registration.
    3. Send the image to the registration authorities to be used as a future logotype.
    4. Make payment for the service of entering your company and assigning to it the selected logotype and get the result of fulfilled examinations.
    5. At the next stage, once the registration is completed, the applicant receives a certificate for a specific trademark (product mark). At this step a state duty must be paid.  
    6. Make sure the registration is completed on the website of the respective organization.
    7. To have the logotype securely assigned to your company, its protection must be ensured with the consideration of legal rules and regulations.

    Important. It must not be allowed that a logotype is registered as a trademark (product mark). This will result in the breach of rules and imposing of penalty sanctions on the applicant.

    Not to get confused in different stages and be fully confident in the legitimacy of the completed registration, it is best to consult with our expert. He/she will give an account of all specifics pertinent to the process and help with the preparation of documents.

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