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    Road transport - GBSI - Global Business Service Information

    The main feature of the organization of road cargo transportation is the ability to deliver products from door to door. Planes, trains and ships deliver products only to ports and train stations. To pick up goods from the warehouse before loading and take them to storage after transportation, a truck is required. Trucks participate in all types of transportation. That is why the share of motor transport in the total amount of cargo transportation is so large.
    The advantages of road transport also include mobility and maneuverability. This gives an advantage in the speed of delivery, especially in case of force majeure. The truck is not limited to railway tracks, so logisticians can make up a variety of route options.
    The third advantage of road cargo transportation is the possibility of delivery at any time. There is no need to leave the goods for long-term storage while waiting for the accumulation of sufficient volume for transportation. Transport companies select a car for the type and size of the cargo, so even small packages are delivered in a short time.

    Another distinctive feature of road transport is accessibility. To send cargo by plane, train or ship, you need to book a place in advance. Trucks go on flights several times a day. You can find a suitable car and arrange delivery in just a couple of hours.
    In addition, cars are suitable for transporting all types of cargo: bulk, bulk, prefabricated, combustible, bulky, etc. At the same time, the cost of delivery remains at an acceptable level. High competition in the road freight market regulates tariffs and restrains price growth.

    The disadvantages of using road transport include:

    • limited load capacity — the road train is able to withstand a maximum of 44 tons;
    • high cost when traveling long distances — railway or sea transport is cheaper;
    • dependence on the condition of the road surface and weather conditions — ice, snowdrifts, heavy rains slow down the movement of the vehicle;
    • high accident rate — when transported by road, there is a high risk of damage or loss of cargo due to an accident.

    When choosing a method of transportation, specialists take into account all of these factors. Despite the significant disadvantages, delivery by road remains the most profitable solution for transporting goods overland over short distances.

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